Synaforce & baliosoft – a long-term trusted partnership

The partnership began before the company was founded, when the current managing director of baliosoft was still working for Microsoft in 2002 as a freelance consultant. Since then, Hardy Schett and his employees have been supporting Synaforce when it comes to process optimi­sation using content management and collab­o­ration with MS technology.

baliosoft not only looks after Synaforce customers, but is also respon­sible for the imple­men­tation of the central platform for infor­mation exchange, organ­i­sation and project management at Synaforce inter­nally. This is where bs one: portal, bs one: workplace, bs one: directory and bs one: companion come into play. This platform was initially operated in a hybrid manner for data protection reasons; it went live for use in the cloud on November 15, 2022.

Peter Hartl

Due to many years of experience, baliosoft is very familiar with the strengths, but also the weaknesses, of Microsoft technology. Share­Point is perfectly integrated in the MS world, but only covers around 50% of our require­ments. bs one allows us the full function­ality of Share­Point, so we were able to digitally map essential work processes quickly, with little effort and without interface problems.

Peter Hartl, CEO & Managing Director, Synaforce GmbH
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bs one & Share­Point in operation for the ongoing task of optimisation

The core problems

  • Missing function­ality in MS Share­Point for various applications

  • Lack of background knowledge in Share­Point development

  • Repeated demand from own customers

  • Not economical to set up your own Share­Point team

The benefits

  • Economic imple­men­tation of in-house and customer requirements

  • Content management and collab­o­ration projects with MS Share­Point, MS Teams and MS 365 compe­tently managed as part of the overall hosting service offering.

  • Optimi­sation of the various work processes with the help of bs one

The imple­men­tation

  • Collab­o­ration between Hardy Schett and baliosoft spanning around 20 years

  • baliosoft as an extended Share­Point department

  • Use of bs one to round off the MS function­ality for internal process optimisation

bs one modules used

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bs one: portal

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bs one: directory

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bs one: workplace

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bs one: companion

Digiti­sation of work processes right through to your mobile phone

Not only Synaforce customers benefit from the possi­bil­ities that Share­Point offers through the Baliosoft devel­op­ments in process optimi­sation. With the help of bs one: portal, workplace, directory and companion, you can gradually digitise your own work processes.

The primary use was in the struc­turing of unstruc­tured data. The filing of infor­mation in complex projects often leads to essential infor­mation being lost. The entire company was therefore mapped with hierar­chies and depart­ments in bs one. However, once all the data has been allocated to the struc­tures — a process that is nearing completion — the use of file systems is dispensed with. At the same time, every­thing that has been handled in a paper-based format will be switched to bs one in the future. Gradually, form after form is being converted.

bs one: companion

The Synaforce infor­mation portal is currently only available to employees inter­nally. It serves as an employee infor­mation system, whereby, thanks to bs one: companion in the app, the individual employees receive exactly the infor­mation relevant to them in their own view. Whether tasks from customer projects, internal tasks or company events: thanks to the digital workspace available from your phone, time-consuming searches are avoided, everyone knows what they have to do and is always up to date.

Customers & suppliers benefit

Further devel­opment of the portal in the direction of customer commu­ni­cation is in the pipeline. Whether for stand-alone appoint­ments, as a visitor book for regis­tration purposes or even onboarding processes for customers — the bs one modules offer numerous options for making cooper­ation with customers more efficient.

Already success­fully estab­lished in smaller projects — complete project management with customers and suppliers in bs one: workplace should become standard in all projects. This is partic­u­larly useful for time-consuming onboarding processes of hosting customers, which often have terms of a year or more.

It often takes months from the initial enquiry of the inter­ested parties to the first appoint­ments, kick-off meetings in which the require­ments are deter­mined, data transfer, to the prepa­ration of the offer. Adjust­ments to the offer are almost the norm, because the meetings reveal additional requests that were not previ­ously commu­ni­cated. Transition planning is carried out in parallel with the drafting of the contract by lawyers. During this time, hundreds of emails are sent, countless documents are exchanged and a wide variety of tasks have to be completed. Until now, it was hardly possible to get a quick overview. With bs one: portal and workplace, this infor­mation is available at the touch of a button.

Projects with suppliers are also handled with bs one. Whether certi­fi­ca­tions, the handling of fault reports or the procurement of subsidies, internal or external projects: Wherever infor­mation exchange is crucial and a large number of tasks arise, bs one has success­fully estab­lished itself at Synaforce.

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