The app for your employees — fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

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With the bs one: companion app you can easily reach and connect every employee in your company. Either on private or business mobile devices, and for employees with or without a computer workstation. It makes internal commu­ni­cation much easier and keeps your team up-to-date: in real time, around the clock and worldwide. Infor­mation relevant to target groups only reaches those concerned.

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News and announcements

Internal news and company announce­ments are commu­ni­cated to all employees. The news displayed can be tailored to individual user groups. This means that all employees get the infor­mation they need.

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All contact infor­mation for employees, emergency numbers and meeting rooms is available. The relevant contacts are clearly listed and easily acces­sible to everyone.

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Important system notifi­ca­tions keep all employees up-to-date. Restric­tions in the event of a crisis or technical infor­mation are available to all users.

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Comments and likes

In the comments of the news feed, all users can commu­nicate with each other and ‘like’ articles. This increases the inter­action between employees and contributes a valuable commu­ni­cation exchange.

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bs one: companion is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Share­Point, whether on-premises or hybrid. All platforms are connected via a common user interface, so all advan­tages of the respective combi­nation come into play without presenting the user with technical challenges.

Functions and options

  • News and person­alised content

  • Push notifi­ca­tions, e.g. for important infor­mation in times of crisis

  • Feedback on likes and comments

  • Phone book / employee directory

  • Intel­ligent search and filter functions

  • Shows relevant documents

  • Overview of all tasks

  • Processing of appli­ca­tions and forms (digital signature possible)

  • Multi­lin­gualism

  • Config­u­ration of functions according to specific user groups

  • Integration of further bs one applications

  • Option to work offline

  • Branding — an app with your corporate design (optional)

  • Integration with Teams

Contact us to learn more about the capabil­ities of bs one: companion.

bs one: companion versions

The employee app bs one: companion is available in three different versions — perfectly and individ­ually adapted to your company, and upgradeable. Regardless of whether you choose Basic, Profes­sional or Enter­prise — all of our products include a 24/7 mainte­nance service through which we can support you at any time.

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  • News from bs one: portal
  • Likes

  • Comments

  • Push notifi­ca­tions

  • Phone book / employee directory
  • System notifi­ca­tions

  • Search

  • Multi­lin­gualism

  • User prefer­ences

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All the features of Basic, plus:

  • Workplace with personal tasks, work areas and documents

  • Integration of bs one products
  • Advanced search center with location-based infor­mation and metadata

  • Links to forms

  • Signature component

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All the features of Profes­sional, plus:

  • Integration of third-party applications

  • Workflow integration

  • Custom extension

  • Branding

Demo available in app stores

You can download a free demo of bs one: companion in app stores. Please contact us to receive your personal access data to test the app.

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The brochure for bs one: companion is also available as a PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

An employee app makes company messages available to users on any device. It integrates everyone who works in a company or who has been associated with it. Thereby all employees are connected to this platform. In an employee app, commu­ni­cation is possible between sender and recipient. Recip­ients can not only read messages, but also rate and comment on them. The infor­mation in an employee app is generally openly acces­sible, but can also be tailored to target groups and restricted by autho­ri­sation if necessary.

In the first roll-out stage, the employee app is used for acces­sible communication.

  • Convey infor­mation in a variety of formats
  • Increase employee loyalty and motivation through trans­parent and open corporate commu­ni­cation in real time
  • Efficient use of resources, as the infor­mation is trans­mitted digitally and no printed is required
  • Easy-to-find infor­mation through an intel­ligent search function
  • Targeted highlighting of infor­mation using push notifications
  • Deliver infor­mation at any time and any place — therefore also an ideal method of commu­ni­cating with employees in times of crisis

Any questions?