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Efficient work processes require central and legally compliant access to important direc­tories. Whether employees, external contacts, addresses or rooms: since IT has existed, this data has been scattered company-wide in numerous systems and lists.

The directory of employees who have IT access can be found in the Active Directory. All others are only in the personnel list. Everyone maintains their personal contacts in Outlook. Purchasing takes care of supplier data, sales takes care of customer contacts, and marketing organises the data for agencies, media and event venues. Buildings and rooms or locations of machines and systems are also maintained in their own applications.

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Efficiency is different!

bs one: directory – One directory for all contacts and location data, synchro­nised from Active Directory and any source appli­ca­tions — integrated into the bs one product family.

Function­ality – short & sweet

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  • User and resource directory based on Active Directory (AD)

  • Expansion of the structure to any company-specific fields

  • Integration of user and resource data from third-party applications

  • Synchro­ni­sation of data with Azure Active Directory (AAD)

  • Conve­nient search and filter functions

  • Display in the portal and on mobile devices

  • Location display and navigation thanks to the integration of Maps

  • Own admin­is­tration interface for list management and mapping with AAD

  • Synchro­ni­sation with employee’s own MS Outlook (optional)


User directory, internal and external contacts, phone book including external emergency numbers, room and employee directory with any additional infor­mation such as department affil­i­ation, cost center, local location management or language selection.

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Quick and conve­nient access

  • User-friendly presen­tation of contacts and resources

  • Pleasant detail display

  • Flexible search and sort functions

  • Filter to limit the display of contacts

  • Conve­nient navigation through all directory resources

  • Mobile access via bs one: companion

Legally compliant access

  • Transfer of autho­ri­sa­tions from previous systems

  • Individual user role concept from bs one

  • Employees see every­thing that is permitted

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The brochure for bs one: directory is also available as a PDF.

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