Simplified project, team and committee task management for your employees.

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Diverse workspaces, diverse tasks, diverse projects, a separate appli­cation for almost every­thing — and the phone rings in between.

Whether e‑mail, project management, PDM, CRM, SCM, ERP, document management or otherwise — very few appli­ca­tions are suffi­ciently integrated, and overlapping work processes can rarely be processed consis­tently. In every environment there are various things to get done. Those who don’t lose track of things are very well organised …

… or use bs one: workplace and know exactly what to do next!

Five compo­nents, one goal: work efficiently

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  • Config­urable workspaces – Company-wide templates with function­ality, the scope of which is defined by the IT solutions available to you.

  • Task list – Overview of all employee-related tasks from the workspaces as well as from connected tools, such as MS To Do, Planner, Outlook, JIRA and many more, and entry into processing.

  • Documents – All documents that the employee or their team are working on.

  • Individual Activ­ities — The news feed of all relevant changes that affect the employee in their particular work environment.

  • Conve­nient filters ensure clarity and quick access.

Typical workspaces in organisations

Project Icon

Project workspace

From the overview of all projects to the individual task from the integrated project management tool, project status for the employee, and project portfolio management for the executives.

Team Icon

Teams workspace

Simplified collab­o­ration between depart­ments and project teams thanks to Teams integration, organ­i­sation of infor­mation for respective groups, shared secure use of documents and much more.

Committee Icon

Committees workspace

Whether regular department meetings, management boards or advisory committee meetings: the entire process from sched­uling to invita­tions and minutes is supported.

Thanks to the flexible container concept, additional workspaces can be easily defined. Whether forms, libraries, workflows, third-party software or operating elements: The function­ality of the workspaces is almost limitless.

YOUR digital workplace

Every employee’s digital workplace can be individ­ually designed. At the same time, the company-wide standard­i­s­ation of the user interface — and thus the processes — is ensured.

In addition to the prede­fined elements, other user-related content can be displayed on the start page of bs one: workplace . New workspaces can be set up and integrated easily — also with the help of self-defined templates.
bs one: companion makes the familiar digital workplace available to your employees on the move.

Integra­tions for added value in the workplace

The scope of bs one: workplace grows with the integration of the appli­ca­tions you use. Third-party systems with user-related inter­faces are easily integrated and synchro­nised via web service or API, depending on the technology available. Your employees can process all tasks directly from bs one: workplace . As soon as, for example, a JIRA task in bs one: workplace receives the status “completed”, this is updated directly in JIRA and the task is displayed as completed.

Tried and tested inter­faces to standard solutions are available for:

MS Teams Logo

Microsoft Teams

MS Project Logo

Microsoft Project

MS Todo Logo

Microsoft To Do

MS Planner Logo

Microsoft Planner

Jira Logo


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Additional modules

For an accel­erated intro­duction, we provide you with prede­fined, tried and tested website templates that expand the function­ality as required. We offer appro­priate templates for the different process models in project management — waterfall model, agile method­ology, etc. Further infor­mation by request.

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The brochure for bs one: workplace is also available as a PDF.

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