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Healthy work environment

The following values are at the core of our employee policy, which we uphold and constantly improve.

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Work-life balance

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Inter­cul­tural cooperation

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Work flexi­bility

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Time for the family

Our compe­tences

Our team has a wide range of technical skills: This ensures the necessary experience and thereby the success of our projects.

C# .NetWeb APIAngularASP .Net MVCASP .Net CoreReact JSType ScriptShare­Point OOTB (Modern Experience)Share­Point OOTB (Classic Experience)SPFxPnP Provi­sioningPnP FrameWorkPnP JavaScriptAzure API ManagementNintexXamarinWPFUWPSQLSSISSSRSPower BIAzure AD Authen­ti­cationApp ServiceAzure FunctionAzure WebJobsAzure SQLAzure StorageAzure Data FactoryAzure CDNAWSPower AppsPower AutomateMicrosoft TeamsMicrosoft PlannerMicrosoft FormsPower­ShellMicrosoft Graph APICSOMShareGate


Compe­tences checked and approved by our partners.

  • Profes­sional Scrum Master

  • Microsoft Certified Trainer

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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Microsoft Partner Gold Cloud Platform and DevOps