Our Benefits

What can you expect?

Whether in India, the USA or Europe: we cannot be successful without enthu­si­astic and committed employees. That is why our services — regardless of the region — are geared towards the needs of our employees.

Financial icon


  • Top salaries for high performers with above-average rate rises

  • Interest-free loans for employees

  • Compen­sation for heavy project workloads

  • Perfor­mance-related bonuses on a quarterly and annual basis with trans­parent evaluation

Health care icon

Health care

  • Family health insurance

  • Choice of paid maternity or paternity leave

  • Paid sick leave

Staff development icon

Staff devel­opment

  • Always techno­log­i­cally up-to-date

  • Internal and external training as required

  • Quali­fi­cation and certi­fi­cation across all Microsoft products

  • Quarterly employee perfor­mance reviews, awards and recognition

  • Collab­o­ration on challenging inter­na­tional projects

Working conditions icon

Working condi­tions

  • Flexible working hours — free weekends

  • Choice of working in the office or from home — not only during the pandemic

  • Active engagement through feedback and suggestion forms (anonymous if desired) and regular surveys and polls

  • Open door policy at all hierar­chical levels

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