Your virtual corporate office as an entry for everyone and everything.

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bs one: portal

Completely informed employees, direct entry into work processes — news & events, phone book, documents, workspaces, dashboards included.

bs one: portal is the virtual corporate office and the entry point into the working day for each of your employees. Whether through bs one: workplace for the task management of your employees, through the integration of dashboards from your business intel­li­gence solution for financial oversight, or through the integration of order forms for your purchasing.

On request, this is also available on smart­phone or tablet with bs one: companion.

Commu­ni­cation centre & digital workplace

bs one: portal – A one-stop shop for infor­mation & commu­ni­cation, processes & appli­ca­tions, fully integrated in Microsoft 365, the bs one product family and in all important applications.

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Infor­mation & communication

Intranet solutions provide employees with current internal infor­mation, offer a knowledge database and function­ality for document management. They create oppor­tu­nities for collab­o­ration and, thanks to the social media function­ality, also create a commu­ni­cation platform.

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Processes & applications

The intranet is only a first step to optimising corporate processes. Employees not only need a commu­ni­cation centre, but also a central platform that offers entry into diverse individual tasks and their required applications.

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Function­ality – short & sweet

  • News, announce­ments, bookmarks & news archive

  • Company exposure, department exposure

  • Weather, calendar, menu plans …

  • Compre­hensive search for content and documents

  • Conve­nient navigation

  • Profile and filter-controlled output

  • Social media functions such as sharing, commenting, feedback, etc.

  • Web chat for discussions

  • Document management

  • Config­urable interface in the corporate design on all devices

  • Multi­lin­gualism for inter­na­tional use

  • Editing and publishing functionality

  • Infor­mation and infor­mation sources under one roof

  • Role and user concept

  • Customisable templates for news, depart­ments, work areas

Contact us, to learn more about the function­ality of bs one: portal.

You determine the use

The functional scope of the portal can be expanded very easily with the diverse appli­ca­tions of the bs one product family. Whether you’re managing time, contracts or quality — our modules can be integrated with little effort.

But external solutions can also be made available seamlessly in the portal. All appli­ca­tions with web inter­faces — in fact all modern systems — can be controlled via the portal as a central point of entry. User autho­ri­sa­tions from third-party appli­ca­tions are adopted. In addition to the profile-controlled display of infor­mation, a customised digital workplace is created by config­uring the portal for employees’ individual workspaces.

By combining infor­mation & commu­ni­cation with processes & appli­ca­tions, bs one: portal optimises the work processes in your organisation.

bs one: portal grows with your requirements.

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The brochure for bs one: portal is also available as a PDF.

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