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We’ve been special­ising in Share­Point since 2001. Our appli­cation areas cover infor­mation, collab­o­ration, customer and supplier portals. With the aim of simpli­fying everyday digital working life, we place a lot of impor­tance on commu­ni­cation and collaboration. 

MS Teams

Know-How à point!

In our many years of technical practice, we have also obtained a great deal of insight into the various business processes. We adapt our teams perfectly to suit your needs. A good structure makes handling easier for every single user. 

bs one – and you are done!

We design your digital workplace. Our in-house products, whether individ­ually or as a package, fit harmo­niously into your environment. Adapted with your require­ments in mind, we optimise your environment in close consul­tation with you. 



Viaan Technologies becomes baliosoft Solutions Private Limited. Due to the years of good and successful cooper­ation with baliosoft estab­lishment, the decision was made to create a joint venture in India. And here we are! With more efficiency to meet the customer’s needs. 
About us

Our history

baliosoft establish­ment

baliosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

formerly Viaan Technologies


Launch of the mobile employee app bs one: companion, developed by baliosoft.

A new product range for the digital workplace comes onto the market — fully integrated in Share­Point and Microsoft 365 with Modern UI.

Partnership with Crayon Software.

Partnership with SysKit.

Partnership with Cloudiway.

baliosoft becomes a Microsoft CSP.

baliosoft becomes a Microsoft Gold Partner.

baliosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. receives a large AWS project in India and thus reaches the milestone of ~ 1 Cr. ARR in AWS.

New markets are reached, such as Australia, Canada and India.

Official announcement of the new joint venture between baliosoft estab­lishment and baliosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The activ­ities of Viaan Technologies are integrated into baliosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Viaan Technologies obtains the status of Tier 2 CSP partnership with Crayon Software and becomes a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Power BI projects are imple­mented for the US Government.


Viaan Technologies enters into a strategic partnership with baliosoft establishment.

Due to continuous growth, Viaan Technologies expands its office space.


baliosoft estab­lishment has relied on this technology since the first release of Microsoft Teams in product devel­opment and has been providing its customers with sustainable support and compre­hensive know-how in this environment ever since.


baliosoft estab­lishment starts collab­o­rating with Aakash Jethva, founder of Viaan Technologies in India.

Estab­lishment of Viaan Technologies.

Continuous customer support with the imple­men­tation of Share­Point 2013/2016 projects and the devel­opment of new products.


Building on extensive experience with a range of success­fully imple­mented projects, recurrent require­ments are converted into initial products.


baliosoft estab­lishment success­fully imple­ments migration projects from Share­Point Server 2007 to Share­Point Server 2013.

A major shift is taking place — Microsoft is switching from server-side devel­opment to client-side devel­opment. Customers are supported to the effect that existing and new products are converted to client-side development.

Office 365 is estab­lishing itself with the imple­men­tation of initial projects.


Partic­i­pation in the Office 365 beta program.

Partnership with Sharegate as a migration tool.

Partnership with Nintex to implement digital processes.

baliosoft estab­lishment is founded in Liecht­en­stein, with the objective of fully supporting companies in the imple­men­tation of Share­Point projects. Clients are supported in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Liecht­en­stein and Austria.


Hardy Schett is an independent contractor at Microsoft Consulting Services (Zürich) as a senior consultant for Share­Point and supports many intranet, collab­o­ration, extranet and migration projects et al.


The first projects based on BPOS (forerunner of Office 365) are imple­mented for various customers.


Hardy Schett is hired by Microsoft as a trainer for their support and consulting employees in branches in England, France, Hungary and Germany for Share­Point 2007, focusing on search, migration, archi­tecture and planning at level 300/400.

Through Share­Point 2007, intranet, extranet, collab­o­ration portals and migration projects are success­fully imple­mented for several companies.

Hardy Schett works in Premium Support for Share­Point at Microsoft GmbH in Munich and supports many businesses in this role, including in the migration from Share­Point Server 2003 to Share­Point Server 2007, as well as search optimi­sation, devel­opment and infra­structure planning.


With experience from the Alpha Testing program, Hardy Schett is able to contribute his extensive specialist knowledge as a technical consultant in one of the largest Share­Point Server 2007 projects in Europe.

Hardy Schett Consulting is one of only two companies in Austria to partic­ipate in the Alpha Testing program for Share­Point Server 2007.


With the release of the improved Share­Point Server Version 2003, various client projects are imple­mented using the new platform, and clients are supported in their collab­o­ration strategies.


Hardy Schett, specialist in project and time management, starts as a consultant for collab­o­ration optimi­sation in various client projects and utilising the resources of Microsoft Share­Point Team Services.

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