bs one – and you are done!

With bs one, users no longer have to switch back and forth between appli­ca­tions, task lists or mailboxes. The data from all Share­point, Teams und Microsoft 365 integrated products come together in a control centre. The consol­i­dated infor­mation is delivered to all users on every platform — even to employees without a user account or workstation.

bs one: portal

The gateway to the company.
Internal phone book, work areas, processes, documents, news, events etc. All company-relevant infor­mation at a glance.

bs one: companion

News, likes, shares, favourites …
An infor­mation portal with an internal phone book is matched to the respective work area of the individual employee and can be configured in a personal dashboard.

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bs one: workplace

The tower.
An overview of every­thing relating to the individual employee. Central tasks can be accessed via all MS and third-party systems. It’s possible to optimise organ­i­sation and to work in teams.

bs one: directory

Who is who?
The internal phone book and employee directory shows each employee’s department, phone number, cost centre etc. Navigation to the next location ensures meetings start on time.

bs one: ims

What’s behind it?
This is where supporting management systems are connected with the creation of opera­tional value. It includes occupa­tional safety, quality and environ­mental management.

bs one: quality

Quality before quantity.
Inter­nally mapped processes and cyclical system checks enable continuous improvement. Document management and archiving contribute to audit relia­bility and compliance with standards.

bs one: risk assessment

No risk no fun?
Risk assessment for occupa­tional safety identifies and analyses risks, derives and monitors tasks for improving safety in the workplace, and can be combined with bs one product: hazardous substances.

bs one: hazardous substances

Safety first!
The hazardous substances registry provides an overview of all hazardous substances currently in circu­lation. These are identified for each location, qualified and issued again in operating instructions.

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